In The Press

  • Unearthing The Esoteric at The Dancing Elephant

    A wonderful article by Skye Sherman on the history of The Dancing Elephant bookstore.

    Palm Beach Illustrated 
  • 20 Bookstores Everyone Should Visit In Florida

    Our bookstore came in at #18 on Southern Living's list of Florida bookstores to visit.

    Southern Living 
  • The Dancing Elephant bookstore in Lake Worth Beach, Florida

    Some photos taken by The Palm Beach Post of our store.

    Palm Beach Post 
  • The Dancing Elephant Opens in Lake Worth Beach, Fla.

    Featured in Shelf Awareness when we first opened.

    Shelf Awareness 
  • The Good Luck Store in Downtown Lake Worth Beach

    Article on our store's history.

    Diane Freaney 
  • Lake Worth Beach Gets Its Bookstore Back

    A great article on the opening of our metaphysical bookstore. It is unfortunately paywalled for those who do not have a subscription.

    Palm Beach Post 
  • Community Spotlight: The Dancing Elephant

    An interview by Aerik Arkadian's blog.

    Aerik Arkadian 
  • Gallowglass Books releases "MONAD", a compendium featuring Plotinus, Porphyry, and Proclus

    Our new publishing company's first book!

    MONAD (Plotinus Enneads) by Gallowglass Books 
  • Business Owners Pleased by Surge in Holiday Sales

    A video featuring our store and other stores downtown, which was aired on the local news.