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The Dancing Elephant

Oracle of the Triad Tarot

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Brand new still in wrapping. Designed by the renowned Grimaud. 

Oracle of the Triad (Oracle de la Triade) is a French divination deck based on ancient symbols borrowed from Greek and Roman mythology, ancient Egyptian myth, Judeo-Christian tradition, and Eastern teachings. The esoteric arcane imagery of this deck includes elements from Hermetics, Qabalah, Alchemy, Freemasonry, astrology and numerology. This deck is beautifully captivating. Each card features allegorical images in beautiful colors and metallic gold accents, set within a narrow black border. Some of the images are minimalist, while others are intricately designed with elaborate symbolism. The cards measure 2¾" x 4¾," and each bears a descriptive title in French, and a number indicating its symbolic position in the sequence of the deck. The backs of the cards depict an arcane glyph in metallic gold centered on an exquisite background of mottled indigo blue. The deck includes an instruction booklet in French and English that provides a brief interpretation of each card, and several unique card layouts.


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